Our Sustainable Mission Statement

“The Garden Shop is committed to identifying ways to reduce our environmental impact and to implementing strategies that ensure we are operating in an environmentally responsible manner”

The “green trades” of horticulture can be very wasteful industries – from water usage to plastic waste, there are many aspects of greenhouse operation that have traditionally been less than “green”. The following strategies are our commitment to sustainability:

  • The Garden Shop team is committed to recycling and reuse of growing containers, trays and pots; sending less plastic waste to the landfill and reducing the production of more plastic.
  • We look for products that are high quality and made to last, over cheap and gimmicky garden decor. Offering high quality products means reducing over production of low quality items destined for the waste stream.
  • We choose vendors and suppliers that use sustainable practices – fair labour, natural materials, environmentally sensitive production – whenever possible. We offer a selection of recycled plastic pots, vintage wares and up-cycled garden decor.
  • Collection and use of rain water and snow melt for watering needs inside the greenhouse.
  • Composting of all biodegradable waste generated in production.
  • Recycling cardboard, packing materials, bottles and plastics.
  • Providing compostable yard waste bags (did you know leaves turn into soil? its true, you don’t HAVE to send them to the landfill).
  • Providing “Garden Grounds” – coffee grounds from our coffee camper for use in your garden.
  • The use of organic pest control whenever possible (IPM).

We take pride in each of these strategies and in offering products that enhance your garden but have minimal cost to the environment. Feel free to discuss any off these initiatives with our team!