Style-conscious and sustainably-minded destination Garden & Lifestyle Shop – A small garden centre with a large selection only a short drive from the city. Make a ‘Weekend Drive’ to the Lumsden Valley.

We are here to help you Get Growing!

Reopening for the season April 22, 2023!

What we do

Offer a wide selection of plants specially chosen for our climate. Whether you are looking for annual bedding plants, tropical container plants or prairie hardy perennials, trees & shrubs let us help bring your garden oasis vision to reality.

Provide custom container planting service. Bring your own pots or choose from our wide selection for a customized container garden. We can work with any budget and any size/style you might have in mind. Our team specializes in creating container designs that complement your home for the curb appeal you desire.

Inspire with decor, pots and sculpture for the garden, home and cottage. These extra touches are what make your backyard stand out! Our curated collections focus on sustainable, handmade, local & imported products. We offer special pieces you will not find in big box stores.

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Why You’ll Love Us

Passionate – We love our plants! We source plants from professional growers and have an eye on current trends and varieties so you can count on finding something exciting.

Local – Our plants are grown in Western Canada and right here on site. We believe in supporting other local businesses and source giftware and garden decor from local artisans.

Sustainable – We take reuse and repurpose seriously! To cut down on plastic waste we encourage customers to reuse grower pots and container inserts (talk to us about custom container planting). We carry a selection of sustainable garden products & one of a kind upcylced garden art.

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Xeriscaping – it’s not just rocks!

One of the garden concepts that is making news again this season is xeriscape design, and for good reason! Many regions are facing unpredictable precipitation. More and more people are becoming aware of using less water for non-essential/ornamental landscaping both for environmental reasons and to save money. Xeriscaping is a great way to plan an…

Annual or Perennial – what is the difference?

If you have ever visited our garden centre you may have noticed that we have different types of plants in different locations. Like most garden centres we try to make shopping easy for you by having zones for annuals, perennials, trees & shrubs and tropicals. Questions that we get asked fairly often are “does this…

Keeping deer out of the garden

Are deer using your garden as a salad bar? Many of us in Saskatchewan have these furry, and mostly unwelcome, visitors in our yards. There is no way to completely deer proof your garden, but you may have some success with these tips. Some gardeners swear by folk remedies and home-made concoctions such as rotten…


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